Collectif Hapax 21 – Nyon

Lately, there has been more and more events going on in Nyon and it was about time! Drawing battles, fashion shows right by the water, parties. Behind it all is a new association called « Collectif Hapax 21 ».
Intrigued by it, I decide to meet up with the founders of this association one late afternoon at “la Roulotte” in Nyon to understand their philosophy. They explain how everything started for them. Their motivation came from the wish to bring more life to the city of Nyon by creating events. Their motto: collaboration! They get together their friends and the business in Nyon to create artistic events. The idea being that every form of art should collaborate together. By doing that they automatically give a visibility to each other and people become aware of the cultural abundance we have in this region. Their goal is to organize events once a month and most of all, each event needs to be different. All these ingredients add up to « Collectif Hapax 21 ».

 If you have a curious mind and soul, come discover their next event this weekend at the “Usine À Gaz” in Nyon. The line-up is incredible! You can see concerts, DJ’s, artistic performances, jam sessions and skate board contests. You can also buy vinyls, try food and drink local beer, there will be no time to get bored!
It starts Friday evening and it ends after Sunday afternoon after the brunch. This event is in collaboration with the “Usine À Gaz” of Nyon and with the artists of the region.

Be adventurous and come discover local singers and DJ’s, witness artistic performances, come try out the first vegetarian Pop’ Up brunch of the region, come experience the « Collectif Hapax 21 » philosophy

 Their Facebook – The Programme

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