Café Littéraire – Vevey

This week we are going to discover a restaurant where food and culture go hand in hand. Welcome to the Café Littéraire in Vevey!

I meet with one of the four founders at the café that has now been open for two years. We have a delicious lunch together and we chat about their philosophy: good food & good books.
If you love eating, this café focuses on cooking with local products, their “plat du jour” is simply delicious and their wines are all local. It’s a place where you take your time to eat. If you find the service a bit slow, one of the reasons is that there is only one chef cooking in a super tiny kitchen. Also,  food made with love takes a bit more time to make 🙂
If you love reading, this pace is your paradise! You can purchase all the books that are displayed in the café. If you like borrowing books, the café has a direct access to the local library. Icing on the cake, very week you can participate in activities that focus on literature.

If you are curious, take a stroll by the lake and discover the “Images Vevey” festival. Take a break for a coffee on their beautiful terrace. If you are having a lazy Sunday, enjoy a nice brunch at the café. If you need to study or just want to go somewhere cozy to spend the day, you have found the perfect place! Try out their “tartines” or take the time to enjoy a “plat du jour” in the company of a good book. Check out all the cool events they have created to keep you busy. Just go there to stop geeking & start reading

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