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Walking down to the train station in Lausanne, I pass by the new “Bagel on the Way” shop quite a few times but I never really had the time to stop. The more I walked by it the more I thought to myself “Finally a place to have bagel without having to cross the Atlantic!”
Last week, I wasn’t in a hurry and took the time to stop. I met Sacha the founder and creator of the shop and we started chatting around a nice coffee.
When he moved to Switzerland, he realized that there was a big English-speaking community but no bagel shops in sight! He decided to pursue this idea and created his own bagel shop in Lausanne.

His goal is to make bagels accessible for all. His philosophy is to work with local products. His coffee “The Good Life” is Swiss and based in Lausanne, the smoked salmon is from “Borex Poissons” in Nyon, the juices are from “Pom Pom Swiss” also made in Lausanne, he makes homemade drinks. I could go on but I think you got the picture!
His challenges are to work with local products and keeping a decent price for his customers while staying faithful to the original New York flavored bagel. It is not an easy task but he does it right.

In parallel, Sacha is also developing a catering service. If you need snacks for your events, do not hesitate to contact him.
If you can’t eat gluten, no worries! Gluten free bagels will soon be available in the shop in a few weeks from now.
You don’t live in Lausanne? A new “Bagel on the Way” is going to open in Montreux during this winter. He also hopes to be able to open other shops other Swiss cities such as Geneva, Bern, Basel and Zurich.
Finally, he would also like to open bagel bakeries. A shop that sells only bagels, so that you can have some to bring home for your meals. If you are a Swiss bagel lover, life just got a bit tastier

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