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This week, I met with Céline in her vintage design store just underneath the train station in Lausanne. Once she got her degree in interior design she moved to Paris to work there for a few years. When she came back to Lausanne, where she grew up, she decided to create her brand “Little Miss Design”. At the very beginning, her showroom used to be in her old bedroom! Two years later, she decided to open her shop in the heart of Lausanne.

Once you enter in her boutique, you feel a common theme between every item. There is a mix of her inspirations, her collaborations, and her passions.
One of her inspirations is the Danish artist Bjørn Wiinblad. Therefore every item that you find in her shop is very fine. A lot of the furniture and tableware are vintage but some are also reeditions. Everywhere I look, I discover beautiful items from the past and from today. It’s not easy to have all these different styles in one place but she masters the mix perfectly.
She often collaborates with local artists. In her shop, you will find Swiss designers, students from l’ECAL but also artists from all over the world. All these different influences bring youth and creative abundance which gives a sense of diversity to her boutique.
One for her passions it to go antique hunting. Since most of her pieces of furniture are unique, you will always find a different layout when you go visit her. It’s worthwhile stopping by from time to time just to see the evolution of the shop. Her second passion is tableware and you can find a lot of different styles in her boutique such as vintage, modern or Scandinavian influenced. I wonder how she resists the urge of keeping it all to herself but she assured me that even if she wanted to she wouldn’t have enough place to keep it all!

Céline has successfully managed to create her own business and work in a field that she is passionate about. She also teaches in an interior design school and works on special mandates to redecorate or redo the design of your homes. When she has a bit of spare time she likes to go hunting for nice antiques for her store and for her “surprise box”.
What’s a “surprise box” you may ask? The idea is simple, every two months you get a gift in your mailbox! Each box is prepared with a certain theme in mind. You will receive objects related to that theme and you will also always get a vintage item. This month the theme is pastry, needless to say, I can’t wait to open my box

P.S. Céline is going to be a mommy! Therefore for the months of March, April and May, her boutique will only be open for appointments.

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