Atelier du Square – Geneva

This week’s adventure brought me to “L’Atelier du Square” in Geneva. I meet with Pomme and Béatrice, two women that have been friends for a very long time and that own the workshop together.
Before entering the studio, I realize that the front window is a display of a boutique. Once I enter, I discover a universe filled with creations of thirty different artists from the region. Each artist has a very different style and exposes creations such as photography, furniture, and jewelry.


Pomme and Béatrice explain the concept of the store to me: each artist can expose their work in this boutique in order to give them some visibility if, for example, they do not own a place to show their work. The creations belong to the artist until these ones are sold. That means that if they need their work for another exposition, they can come and take it for the event.
This system allows the artist to have freedom with his works and it creates a shop that has a big diversity in styles and that renews quite frequently.

Once I have looked around the boutique, I adventure myself into the workshop in the back room. What a delight! I see crayons, inks, all kinds of different paints, pearls, colors everywhere, in other words, all the ingredients to be inspired.
Please put aside your fear of not knowing what to do once you are facing a blank sheet of paper or the ridiculous idea that you are not creative. You are in a space where everybody can create whatever they want and without judgment! If you want to try out a certain paint or new technics of creation, here is the place to do it! Pomme and Béatrice are there to advise and guide you if you need some help.
In addition to giving you great advice, both women have their own specialty. Béatrice is passionate about jewelry. She teaches workshops around this theme and she can also repair your broken jewels. Pomme is an embroidery pro. Not only does she write and illustrate articles for embroidery magazines, she also gives classes in the workshop.
If other creative technics interest you, you also have access all kinds of different courses and workshops given by different teachers and artists.

nmDo you want to create? Do you need to relax? But you can’t do it at home? Make a date with yourself! Go to the studio whenever you want (you don’t need to make an appointment), with or without your material and take some time for yourself!
When you finish your creative session, you leave and you don’t need to clean up after yourself! Pomme and Béatrice find it very important that all you have to do is focus on your work and it also allows them to keep a very organized workplace.
Our two friends have a space where flexibility is key and I guarantee that you will not find that anywhere else. Their goal is that you come to the studio without the stress of having to stick to a schedule, without having to worry about cleaning up and most of all, that you find yourself in a great creating environment without any judgment. And trust me, it works!

If you want to experience creation in total freedom, go and see for yourselves this Thursday 17th of November! Pomme and Béatrice have organized their first “Creative After Work” from 6pm to 8 pm. Go and meet these two friends that have a great energy, a great concept and where happy hour and art go hand in hand

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