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I have been working in the restaurant and bar industry for nearly 10 years. I have therefore had the opportunity to meet a lot a different people. A few years ago, I discovered the Docteur Gab’s brewery and my heart was taken! Not only are they super nice, very professional but their beers are delicious!
After all these years of collaboration, I finally had a chance to meet Reto, one of the three founders of the brewery.

Their story is known but for those of you who don’t know it yet, it goes like this. Gabriel, one of the founders, got a brewing kit and he decides to test it with Reto and David (third founder). The three friends are only 16 years old at that time but by testing the kit, a new passion was born.
Shortly after they go on a trip to Belgium to visit different breweries and to buy some more material for their own brewing. When they are back from this trip, they continue to make beer in small quantities in their parent’s kitchen and later on in their basement. When they finished their studies they decided to dedicate their time to their passion and it worked! The brewery is well known in the French speaking part of Switzerland and is now celebrating its fifteenth birthday!

I can’t help but be impressed by these three young men who had a dream and persevered. Working with friends is not always and easy task but they were able to create a balance between their different skills and what they have studied. They know each other really well, trust each other and the three of them have the same goal: to get the brewery known nationally.
What I really like in their attitude is that they are always trying to innovate. For example each season they brew a special beer for the occasion. They also organize a lot of beer tastings, events where you can taste the beers that go well with certain foods, and they make cool gift boxes. If you get their Christmas gift box for instance, you will find a selection of all their beers plus a special beer sausage made in collaboration with the butcher Nicollier in Ollon. A fresh beer and a beer sausage for happy hour, what more can you ask for!

If you are still not convinced, come try out their beer for yourself this Saturday 26th of November. The brewery is opening their doors so that you can visit the entire place and discover how the beer is made. You can try their seasonal beer “la Casanière” which is worth the trip trust me! They have also made a special limited edition beer with a brewery from Milan called HIBU which you will also be able to taste this weekend.
If you can’t make it don’t worry, you can always stop by at the brewery on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Drink local, drink Gab’s

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