Michèle Reymond – Fribourg

I was scrolling on Instagram a few days ago and ended up on “Mim.elle”’s profile. I immediately adored her drawings! She is also Swiss and she lives in Fribourg which is perfect because we can meet up for a chat.
We end up going for a drink in Lausanne and Michèle generously offers me two of her illustrations she did that day. I found that so thoughtful of her it was heartwarming 🙂

Michèle did an art and design school in Bern called HKB and also studied during an Erasmus in Belgium. She then moved back to Switzerland, in Fribourg, where she got a job as a graphic designer in a studio called Karakter.
What I often hear when I talk to artists, it that they need to do a huge introspection as well as a big work on themselves after art school. This step is necessary to be able to detach from the felling that they need to be doing something academic enable to succeed.
Michèle went through this process and now she doesn’t look for perfection in her illustrations anymore. She tries to be the most spontaneous and natural possible. You can observe this evolution in her drawings that she publishes on her Instagram.

2017-03-26 15.52.48

Michèle has two distinct drawing styles. One is very realistic and her other style is a bit more free. For her realist portraits, she likes to get inspiration on Pinterest. She likes to choose different elements form various images like a hairstyle, a body positioning or a piece of clothing. She then mixes and matches all those elements to create a new drawing. She is fascinated by capturing the lines and expressions of emotions.
For her less realistic drawings, she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her, expositions she goes to and the events that happen in her everyday life.
When she is passionate about something she just goes for it! Recently she tried lino printing on fabrics and the results are just great!

2017-03-26 15.51.45

Just like Mémé, her motto is to stay curious! If I can give you a piece of advice: follow this Swiss illustrator closely, she is full of surprises

Her Instagram

2017-03-26 15.52.33

Je suis tombée un peu par hasard sur le profil Instagram de « Mim.elle » et j’ai immédiatement adoré ses dessins ! Elle est suissesse, elle habite à Fribourg et ça tombe bien car on va pouvoir se rencontrer !
On se retrouve à Lausanne pour l’apéro et Michèle m’offre généreusement deux dessins qu’elle avait faits dans l’après-midi. J’ai trouvé ce geste très attentionné de sa part 🙂

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