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If I was to go every day in the same place, I would go to the Arantèle in Rolle. A place where you are welcomed with warm smiles, old furniture and a yummy food!

Ferial used to work in finance before opening the Arantele in March 2014. She bought and entirely renovated a former bakery to create her beautiful restaurant. She created a café where her passions:  baking pastries, drinking tea and searching for ancient pieces of furniture in flea markets could be all in one place.

If you go to the Arantèle, you won’t sit twice at the same table because the furniture changes every time! Ferial has always had a good eye for beautiful pieces found in flea markets. It was natural for her to make a market out of her restaurant. The good news is that all the pieces she finds are for sell in the restaurant! Imagine the organization it takes to not only manage a restaurant but also find, stock and sell furniture. The layout of the restaurant will change quite often but do not worry, you will always find a cozy place to see and old friend for tea or to spend a day working in a place other than your office.

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The food at the Arantèle is healthy. All the dishes are made with love and patience. All the recipes were created by Ferial and her daughters. Every day the menu changes depending of the season and the inspiration of the moment. All the dishes are entirely made from scratch and the same goes for all their delicious pastries.

Any time of the day you will find something to eat. You can go for breakfast in the morning or brunch if you like to sleep in a little longer. A noon you can have lunch and in the afternoon you can go for a nice tea and some homemade pastries.

If you eat gluten free, at the Arantèle you will always have an option either with their gluten free bread of their gluten free cakes.

Even their drinks are homemade, I strongly recommend their thyme, lemon and honey infusion which is my personal favorite!

What I like at the Arantèle is their decoration, their food, their fair prices, their good vibes and all the sweet people who work there

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