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This week we are going to discover a young creative man called Maxim. What started out as a desire to dress in an elegant and original way ended up by him creating his own business called “Monsieur Papillon”.

Maxim is 26 years old and likes to wear bow ties. He wasn’t able to find many in Switzerland so he decided to make some himself instead of buying them abroad.
He’s job and his studies have nothing to do with fashion or sewing. Nevertheless he buys a sewing machine, goes to a few sewing classes and creates his own bow tie designs.
I admire his courage and determination to do so. The fact that he actually just went for it and tried it isn’t that easy and even so he just did it.
Maxim quickly noticed that his new business was a lot in addition to his everyday job. He decided to check out the sewing shops around him to have some help in the production of the bow ties. He walks by a shop called “Creature” which happens to be a sewing place that not only create your designs but also has program to reintegrate women into the working market. Not only can the shop can create enough bow ties for his business but he also is able to make Swiss designs and supports a good cause by doing so.

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When he creates of bow tie, he imagines the design and buys various the fabrics. Once he decides which design to put with which fabric, he brings the project to “Creature” and they take care of the sewing for him.
I love the fabrics that he chooses! I don’t wear bow ties but when I see his designs I would love to. I ask him if he ever thought of making bow ties for women. To my surprise and delight, his answer is yes! He would love to make bow ties that are made in a looser way and why not bow ties that are made out of lace. I won’t tell you more because I think it is worth the surprise!

If you too want to wear elegant and original bow ties, get one from Monsieur Papillon! It’s local, it’s colorful, it’s limited edition and above all, it’s the prettiest bow ties you will find in Switzerland

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