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A few weeks ago, I met Marina the clever and bubbly founder of Bubobubo Design since last November. One of my first questions was why Bubobubo Design? When she first created her new business Bubobubo was the first name that came to her mind since it was a word that her family often used in her childhood. What is a Bubobubo I asked and I learned that is actually the Latin name for a giant owl. For those of you who are secretly obsessed with owls, I am sure that this is enough for you to continue reading on. For the others, here is some convincing

Bubo BuboMajestic right?!

Anyways, Marina noticed that the greeting cards wasn’t really a big thing here in Switzerland.  There seemed to be some gap in the market if you compare it to the UK or North America where you have a card for just about any occasion!
She chose to aim for a common theme for her greeting cards:  sports and outdoors. And in particular girl sports. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a card for you daughter that plays soccer, your sister that does judo or your best friend that does synchronized swimming?
She wanted to have cards that have impact without many or any words. The advantage of that is that no matter your mother tongue you can quickly seize the meaning of the cards.
She not only makes cards around some of those themes but also bags, swimming caps, posters so that women can have nice designs on gear they use to do sports.

2017-03-13 12.17.34

Marina collaborates with illustrators to create cool greeting cards here in Switzerland. If you want to meet her you can go to her pop-up event in Rolle at Spice Your Life (I absolutely adore that shop!) on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May.
So for all the illustrators, artists and designers out there, go for it and get in touch with her! Who knows you could probably collaborate together 🙂 She was actually kind enough to showcase some of my drawings on her Instagram account without having even knowing me

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Pop-Up Rolle

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