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A while ago, Mémé went to an exposition in Grandvaux at “La Maison Buttin-de-Loës”. That’s where I discovered the work of David Bochud through his exposition « L’homme, la vigne, son vin. ».
I admire beautiful photos of our region and I can’t help but feel proud of living is such an amazing place. On my way out, I fill in a form to order my favorite picture (the choice wasn’t easy!) and I leave satisfied that I had made a small detour on my way home.

N° 1907-2015. Arc-en-ciel sur le Lac Léman depuis Lavaux. Octobre 2015.

A few months later, David is ringing my doorbell to deliver my favorite picture. I invite him in to have a coffee and he tells me his story. He currently is an associate in a graphic arts company in Vevey and he learnt to do photography out of curiosity and passion.
He started by taking panoramic views of the region. He felt that he needed to tell a story but which one? Later he realised that everywhere he went in this region, there were vineyards and in those vineyards there was always something happening! At the end of 2014, he spoke about his photo project with the Joly family in Grandvaux, which they happily accepted to be part of. During one year, once a week, he would take pictures of Jacques Joly while he was working in his vineyard.

Les travaux de labourer du terrain se font à l’aide de machine spécifique. L’accès du terrain en terrasse ne permet pas le labourer avec des tracteurs.

Once the project was over, a book was published and later David had his photo exposition.

What I like in his work is that he wants to photograph the beauty of the local nature surrounding us and the authentic people who live in it. He is able to capture the light of people who would not usually enjoy being in the spotlight. What I admire is that David is a self-taught person and it is his curiosity that pushed him to learn and practise photographing.

You too want to see his work? You can go see an exposition in Sainte-Croix at the CIMA museum  or you can go visit him during his event this Friday in Vevey. I can’t wait to see the rest of his work ♥

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