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Have you ever heard of the art of hand lettering? If not, you will discover through Marina’s interview, what the art of drawing letters is.

Martina has always had a nice handwriting, it was not a surprise that she was naturally curious when she heard about this new way of writing. The cool thing about hand lettering, is that even if you do not have a nice handwriting, you can learn how to draw letters.
Martina followed an online course on this new form of art and started showing her work on Instagram under the name of “tiniletters”.
Her work is fresh, funny and inspiring! It’s not a surprise that she quickly got followers and visibility since she was one of the first women in Suisse Romande to use this technique.

For the time being, Martina’s passion is a hobby but she is always motivated to work on new projects. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have an idea you would like her to hand letter for you! You can also subscribe to the workshops that she gives with the Loges du Chic at Cuppin’s in Lausanne or at her place in Cossonay.

Martina studied translating, it is quite naturally that she hand letters in three different languages, English, French and German (her mother tongue, she comes from Davos). Interestingly enough, my grandmother was also a translator and I’m pretty sure she would have also loved “Tini Letters” 

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